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i am barely hanging on to being awake long enough to fo thi..................................

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SCHLEPISODE 164 is here! 

We abandon the usual categories and make up some new ones to bullshit about because frankly if we hadn't, we couldn't have done this show. We talk about all the crap that's been going on in our lives on top of having a 6-month-old baby, including an insane work and family-related travel schedule for Aaron, and a massively disappointing layoff for Evie. (and no, that doesn't give her more time to read comics, in fact she's actually busier than ever.)

We talk Monkeybrain launch, Marvel re-(IT'S NOT A RELAUNCH)-launch, Amazing Spider-Man, some Saga, some Spider-Men, and some Dave Clark Five.

In fact, fuck it. All the music is Dave Clark Five in this one.

Then we get real tired and start to trail off a bit and one of the cats causes problems and then the OH HEY LYNX:


Evie's Spider-Man Tangled Web

OK Cupid Enemies

Seriously look at that thing again, that is awesome.

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