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A weekly awards show/wrap-up of the week that was in the world of comics, hosted by a husband and wife team of journalist comic book fans in NYC. Weekly features include sound effects and swearing. Please also visit

This week's episode proves that ABCP isn't our show, it's YOUR show. Actually, no, it's still our show, but several of you are on it this week. Listeners from around the world fill in for the once again AWOL Evie (back to normal next week, we promise!) You guys convince Aaron to go get Atomic Robo and X-Factor Forever, talk about Loki's badassery, discuss the Kick Ass movie's kickassery, and one of you spent as much time editing your three minutes as Aaron did on the whole show (with hilarious results.) Plus two special guests at the beginning and another one at the end. Oh, and Aaron loves Batgirl.

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