Awesomed By Comics Podcast
A weekly awards show/wrap-up of the week that was in the world of comics, hosted by a husband and wife team of journalist comic book fans in NYC. Weekly features include sound effects and swearing. Please also visit

This episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you by the third week of our 30-word, non-pandering, juggling-inclusive, bananarama fanfiction challenge, AND War Rocket Ajax, AND Copernicus Jones, AND a book that comes out in April - those last three courtesy of our guest host, the always high-minded Matt Wilson.  Amazing week for Jeff Lemire on both Sweet Tooth and Animal Man, some ridiculously fun ideas being thrown around in Infinite Vacation, some joyful X-Universe images, and some good words for Heart and Luther Strode. Also our kitten Bo sings a song with some shitty slap bass at the end. 

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