Awesomed By Comics Podcast
A weekly awards show/wrap-up of the week that was in the world of comics, hosted by a husband and wife team of journalist comic book fans in NYC. Weekly features include sound effects and swearing. Please also visit

This episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you by THE BEST POWERPUFF GIRLS FANFICTION SOMEONE WHOSE SILLY NAME I GOOGLED HAS EVER READ IN THEIR WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE but which another reader finds less than impressive. We talk about the first comics we ever read, and some of this week's best and worst, as always. Rather predictably, Journey Into Mystery, Batwoman and Daredevil won a bunch of stuff. Rather unpredictably, Superboy and the Monkey King also won. We say hello to the new Ultimate Spider-Man, lament that Squirlgirl didn't actually save the day, and obviously wonder what the hell DC was thinking by getting rid of 2/3 of Amanda Waller.

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