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Whoa Nelly! This 147th episode of the Awesomed By Comics Website is brought to you by a little speed lesson! You got a need for speed? Then let's rev it up! Speed-style! VROOM VROOM VROOOOOOOOM.

This week we bid a melancholy and vaguely disappointing farewell to Batgirl, which has been one of the entire industry's most solid titles, month-after-month, for the last two years, and whose lead character is not going to be appearing in the relaunch stuff for a while anyway. We also bid a lousy farewell to this incarnation of Birds of Prey, who deserved better than the sendoff they got. As Thor might apparently say, "Weak sauce, brah. Totes weak sauce."  The Unwritten takes an interesting turn, and might be setting itself up for a pretty ballsy move, while Cloak and Dagger make a relationship book work in the midst of an event tie-in. Plus Squrlgurl.

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