Awesomed By Comics Podcast
A weekly awards show/wrap-up of the week that was in the world of comics, hosted by a husband and wife team of journalist comic book fans in NYC. Weekly features include sound effects and swearing. Please also visit

This episode of the Awesomed By Comics Podcast is brought to you by Comics Alliance, no matter which member of their team is joining is. This week, Chris Sims sits in for Laura Hudson, who was feeling under the weather and couldn't sit in for Evie, who is in Austin, sitting in her hotel room writing a zillion articles about SXSW. Lots of sitting in, is what I'm getting at. Also, you may notice the audio quality is a little less than usual - I accidentally encoded the final mix at a lower frequency than we usually use, and I didn't save the session, so I would have had to recreate it from the raw files and IT'S NOT THAT BAD JUST DEAL. The Unwritten gets subtextually Biblical, Knight and Squire get whimsically serious, and Archie and the gang (which this week includes Spidey, Korvac, Santanna, Dueling Cyclops/Hope relationships, a plastic dart-shooting hammer and Joey's Rattata) are celebrated. Also Sims gives an award to a book that won a different award last week. I WONDER WHICH ONE THAT COULD BE?!?!

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