Awesomed By Comics Podcast
A weekly awards show/wrap-up of the week that was in the world of comics, hosted by a husband and wife team of journalist comic book fans in NYC. Weekly features include sound effects and swearing. Please also visit

This long-awaited episode of Awesomed By Comics is brought to you by oh hey hello, how have you been in the three weeks since we've done a show? Any graduations, engagements, birth announcements? Really??? That's awesome!!! Yes we are back, after some work travel and music travel and some that was both at once. We unsurprisingly heap unending praise on Spider-Girl, Thunderbolts (except for ONE BAD THING) and Morning Glories, and perhaps somewhat surprisingly enjoy us a lot of Batmans. We also give mad ups to Superman-Batman, which is neither surprising nor unsurprising unless you also read it and know us at all, in which case, duh. There's a discussion about the new Harry Potter movie, and Aaron needs video game recommendations!

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