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Oh hiiiiiiiiiiii. Sorry, we've been locked out of the house for the past two years, nine months and 12 days, it was incredibly inconvenient, the cats are pissed. The point is, since the last episode of Awesomed By Comics, we've had another kid, moved, had a combined four jobs and blah blah blah you don't care. The point is, we got away this weekend and bought some comics and recorded an episode to talk about those comics, some of which are new this (last) week, some of which are not, all of which confused us because what is even going on in comics. We don't know when this will happen again, so join us as we struggle through. MISSED U BBs.

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Happy New Year! In this episode of Awesomed By Comics, we talk about some books we missed, wonder what happened to events, and look back on--what? Why are you looking at us like that? Why is that vein popping out of your forehead, are you having a--wait why are you screaming STOP SCREAMING! WE'RE SORRY, WE'RE SORRY OKAY?!? WE'VE BEEN BUSY! WE STILL LOVE YOU! WE'LL CHANGE, WE PROMISE WE'LL CHANGE!!

So yeah, after nine months of three job changes each, two coasts, lots of stress eating and zero podcasts, we bring you a brand-spanking-new episode of Awesomed By Comics to kick off 2014. It's not a Year In Review show because we had very little year to review, and it's not a Week In Review show because we talk about comics over several weeks, but it is a real show and we did put in effort so we hope you'll give us another chance. Our New Years Resolution is to do this at least once a month, so we're counting on you to HOLD OUR ASSES ACCOUNTABLE.

Special thank you to guest star Devon Maloney, and to each and every one of you who bothers to listen.

LET'S GO 2014! USA! USA!

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This episode of Awesomed By Comics is not to be confused with Episode #170, which was fully recorded and edited (on Oscar Night no less), but then infected with a technovirus and now lives in its own pocket universe where you can hear it if you listen extremely closely during the 187th minute of R.E.M. (the sleep, not the band). We're actually at a place where we're giving awards to the current week's comics, although it may or may not be the same current week when this is actually released, you'll never know. Thanks for hangin in, partners.

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Yearly Awards for what we thought this weekend was the best of the last year! 

Turns out we only did 10 shows last year.  We're shooting for at least a 50% increase this year.  

There's a TON of stuff we didn't get to read - so tell us what your favorites were!

What did the fish say to the other fish in the fish place?

Something smells fishy to me!

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This episode features a show within our usual show within a show, so you know it'll be special! Lots of winners from the last few weeks. And from this week too, because Aaron didn't know we could go back and use previous weeks. If he did, all of his winners would be from Maus.

The most important thing is that you go to and listen to The Ampersands' latest album, then purchase it if you enjoy it! That way we can make more albums, and also make more goofy theme songs and fake commercials for you guys.

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No mic problems, very few baby problems, a week in which we actually read comics, a new weird sponsor, a post-credits joke and some bitching about Secret Invasion make it feel like 2010 (or 2009 or whatever) all over again! Sure there's a couple of stray nose-blows that we might have edited out in the past, and sure there's some baby yips in there and sure there's no cat interuptions, but it's pretty close to good ol' old school ABCP.  "Ol' Old?" Is that okay to say? "Ol' old" What about if you have an oldsmobile from when they used to make those? An Old Olds. An Ol' Old Olds. Now that's a spicy biscuits!

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Man alive, this podcast has it going on! Let's checklist!

Listener contributions? CHECK!

Listener contributions that you can only kinda hear because Aaron's mic stopped working at the very beginning and nobody knew it? CHECK!

Baby interruptions? CHECK!

Cat interruptions? CHECK!

Batman talk? CHECK!

PLUS MANY MORE! (it's a turtle.)

Take the survey below, based on this week's books, and you could be on the next show we do! 


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i am barely hanging on to being awake long enough to fo thi..................................

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SCHLEPISODE 164 is here! 

We abandon the usual categories and make up some new ones to bullshit about because frankly if we hadn't, we couldn't have done this show. We talk about all the crap that's been going on in our lives on top of having a 6-month-old baby, including an insane work and family-related travel schedule for Aaron, and a massively disappointing layoff for Evie. (and no, that doesn't give her more time to read comics, in fact she's actually busier than ever.)

We talk Monkeybrain launch, Marvel re-(IT'S NOT A RELAUNCH)-launch, Amazing Spider-Man, some Saga, some Spider-Men, and some Dave Clark Five.

In fact, fuck it. All the music is Dave Clark Five in this one.

Then we get real tired and start to trail off a bit and one of the cats causes problems and then the OH HEY LYNX:


Evie's Spider-Man Tangled Web

OK Cupid Enemies

Seriously look at that thing again, that is awesome.

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